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10x15cm Photo Printer for Android Device
This photo printing station is compact, simple to set-up and easy to use. Just plug in your mobile device and start printing! It runs on an all-in-one...
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12V 2.5A DC to DC Uniteruptable Power Supply
Keep your equipment operating for longer during a power outage.
• 18650 Li-ion Battery
• LED Status Indicator
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1500VA/900W 230VAC LCD Line Interactive UPS with USB
Critical systems should ideally be connected to some form of backup power in the event of a blackout, power surge or brownout.  A fault at the gr...
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2.4GHz Wireless Keyboard & Mouse
An all-in-one wireless keyboard and mouse solution perfectly suited to home or office PC applications. Features Qwerty keyboard and an ergonomically d...
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5-Button Wireless Optical Mouse
A compact, 5 button wireless optical mouse with nano dongle that tucks away neatly into the base. Great for travellers. Features:
• 2.4GHz Wireles...
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650VA/390W Line Interactive UPS with LCD and USB
Critical systems should ideally be connected to some form of backup power in the event of a blackout, power surge or brownout. A fault at the grid may...
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Black Mouse Pad
Great tracking for all mice types. Made from a blend of Polyester and Spandex and only 2mm thick.
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Black QWERTY USB Keyboard
This incredibly flat and light QWERTY keyboard is plug & play and simple to use. Change the inclination with the two stands that are discreetly tu...
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Budget 3-Button Optical Mouse
A low profile, ergonomic 3-button optical mouse. Simple and easy to use. Features:
• Resolution: 1000 DPI
• Zoom-in, zoom-out; page up, page d...
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Cable Management Strip for TV Wallmounts
Cable Management Strip for TV Wallmounts
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CD/DVD Lens Cleaner
This easy to use laser lens cleaner not only cleans your CD or DVD equipment, but it also shows a short animation while you wait.
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Dual PC Monitor Desk Bracket
Dual PC Monitor Desk Bracket
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Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Set
Extremely tactile and quiet keys, a switchable blue backlight and sturdy construction.
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LCD Screen Cleaning Kit
The special solution removes those greasy fingerprints and the elastic anti-static brush and scratch free micro-fibre cloth are excellent for eliminating dust and grime.
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Line Interactive UPS - 600VA
Keep your devices running when the grid goes down or give yourself enough time to power down safely. This self contained UPS is ideal for the home PC,...
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Mini Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad Mouse
This miniature keyboard is small enough to be handheld and includes a touchpad for mouse control
• Full QWERTY key layout
• Ideal for media PC server or Smart Television
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Monitor Stand with USB Hub and Card Reader
Raise your monitor to a more comfortable viewing height and add connectivity to your computer
• Integrated 3 port USB 3.0 hub and memory card reader
• Single USB smart charging port
• Measures 550(L) x 200(D) x 55(H)mm
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PC Monitor Desk Bracket
PC Monitor Desk Bracket
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PC Monitor Desk Stand
PC Monitor Desk Stand
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Roll Up QWERTY Keyboard
A flexible and virtually indestructible QWERTY keyboard. The moisture-resistant silicone allows you to spill as much as you like with no effect on fun...
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Screen Cleaner Kit for Small Devices
This unique cleaning solution removes fingerprints, dust and stains without scratching the screen.
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Slimline 10-Port USB Charger & Hub
Transfer files and charge devices at up to 1.5A from each port.
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USB 2.0 4 Port Slimline Hub
Extend the connectivity of your devices with this slimline hub.
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USB 2.0 DVD Maker
Turn your aging collection of VHS and Betamax videotapes into new video productions or record live video straight to your DVD or CD burner.This powerf...
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USB 2.0 Economy DVD Maker
An easy to connect USB to video adaptor which allows you to capture high quality video and audio through a USB 2.0 interface to burn your own high def...
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USB 2.0 to Ethernet Adaptor with 3-Port USB Hub
For ultrabooks, Macbook Air®, netbooks and Tablets where USB ports are sparse or RJ-45 network ports are non-existent. Simply connect a network ca...
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USB 3.0 4 Port Mini Hub Black
Full speed USB 3.0 functionality.
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USB 3.0 DUAL 2.5”/3.5” SATA HDD Docking Station
Quickly and easily backup valuable data.
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USB 3.0 Multi Card Reader with Type-C Adaptor
Built into a strong Aluminium case, it will read CompactFlash, SD, and MicroSD memory cards.
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USB 3.0 SATA HDD Docking Station
Connect 2.5” or 3.5” SATA Hard Drives to your Computer
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USB 3.0 Type C 4 Port Hub
USB 3 connector for the new Mac and PC
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USB 3.0 Type C Multi Card Reader
USB 3.0 Card Reader for New Mac and PC
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USB 3.0 Type-C Hub and Card Reader with Power Delivery
Expand the connectivity of your computer with this card reader and hub combo with USB Type-C plug and power delivery socket.
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USB 5-Button Optical Mouse
All the normal mouse functions - left and right click, scrolling, plus forward, back and quick-launch button as well as a scroll wheel. Ergonomically ...
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USB Micro SD Card Reader
Small enough to fit on your keychain.
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Showing 1 - 35 of 35 Results Sort by 1