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10 Piece Blade Set to suit TH-1916 Hobby Knife Set
10 spare blades to suit the TH1916 Hobby Knife
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14 Piece Precision Hobby Knife Set
Handy hobby tool set comprising of 10 different blades, handle, 70mm long tweezers, 90mm long flat screwdriver and vernier calipers.
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150mm Precision Side Cutters
These cutters are made from the same high carbon steel as our TH-1885 long nose pliers and are designed for sharp cutting in precision wiring. They ha...
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300mm (12") Copper Cable Shears
These super heavy duty cutters feature a precision cutting head forged from carbon steel attached to drop forged steel handles for extra leverage. Des...
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6inch Insulated Side Cutters
This drop forged alloy tool is made to the same standards as our TH1984 combination pliers. It is just as tough and will also cut piano wire up to 1.6...
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Cable Cutter - Light Duty 165mm
Stainless steel with a hardened long-life cutting edge and suitable for cutting cables up to 10mm diameter. For safety and ease of storage, the blades...
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ESD Safe Sidecutters
Specifically for ESD work. High quality Japanese designed, Italian manufactured cutters especially for static-sensitive applications. 135mm long....
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High Quality 5.5 Electrical Shears
These shears offer impressive cutting ability with finely honed and serrated blades. Great for cutting insulation, heatshrink, spaghetti and light dut...
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High Quality 7 Electrical Shears
Slice through soft electrical cable with ease.
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Multi Function Cutter/Stripper Tool
This 2-in-1 tool combines a 6 position wire stripper suitable for 10 AWG to 20 AWG insulated wire and a side cutter/crimper!
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Nibbling Tool
Will cut any shape out of aluminium, plastic, copper and other unhardened metals up to 18 gauge.
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Precision 127MM Angled Side Cutters
Precision side cutters that are ideal for fine PCB work. They will easily cut leads flush with the board's surface. The cutters are made from qual...
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Spot Face Cutter for Strip Boards
The spot face cutter is designed to neatly remove copper track on strip type prototyping boards.
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Stainless Cutter / Pliers Set
Set of five 115mm cutters and pliers for electronics, hobbies, beading or other crafts. Stainless steel with soft ergonomic grips. Contents:
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Showing 1 - 14 of 14 Results Sort by 1