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DJ Equipment

DJ Equipment

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3 Channel Stereo DJ Mixer
This compact 3-channel stereo DJ mixer will have you tearing up the vinyl to mix your own beats.
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400W Mini Fog Machine
Light beams dazzle through the fog.
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600W Snow Machine
Create a winter themed wonderland.
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Bubble Mania - Bubble Machine Liquid
For best results us our Bubble Mania bubble liquid Cat. AB-1222 (946ml)....
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Carbon Fibre Record Brush
Vinyl refuses to die, and if you have a collection, you'll need to keep it in tip-top condition. Carbon fibre brushes are the best way to remove s...
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Liquid for Snow Machines - 5L
Suitable for use with our AF-1221 600W Snow Machine.
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Rave Fog Machine
This tough fog machine will add the extra dimension to any mobile DJ setup, home party or disco lighting - with laser light shows, mirror balls and ot...
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Roadies Cable Tester
Simply plug the cable under test and turn the rotary switch. The LED array gives you an instant go/no-go status of each conductor path in the cable. W...
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Strawberry Essence Scent for Fog Machines
Strawberry essence additive that provides a more desirable smell to your fog machine. Just add a few drops to the fog juice container on your fog mach...
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Water Based Fog Machine Liquid 1 Litre
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Water Based Fog Machine Liquid 5 Litre
Water-based, non-toxic and leaves no oily residue.
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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 Results Sort by 1