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LCD/LED Displays

LCD/LED Displays

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Elo 2002L 19.5 Inch Zero Bezel Projected Capacitive Touch Display Screen
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11 Digit Fluoro Display Bargain
Vacuum fluorescent displays still look the best.
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16 x 2 Alphanumeric Backlit LCD with SIL Connection
This compact LCD module has 96 inbuilt ASCII characters as well as 92 special letters and 8 custom characters, which can be displayed on a 16 characte...
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3.5 Digit Jumbo LED Panel Meter
This is not just a digital display, but a fully functional high impedance digital panel meter that only requires power to operate. It will measure vol...
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4-Digit Field Effect LCD
Suitable for meters, guages, timers, counters and 12/24hr clocks. Extremely easy to drive and no external driver IC required. 40 pin package. Use Cat ...
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Add On Board For QP-5570/80 Panel Meters
This add on board makes it easy to set the range and decimal point on our QP-5570 or QP-5580 panel meters.
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Alphanumeric Dot Matrix Liquid Crystal Display Module - Backlit
Same as our QP-5515 Module, but with green LED backlight.Compact Liquid Crystal Diode module with ASCII (96 characters), Special Letters (92 character...
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Dot Matrix Liquid Crystal Display Module - Alphanumeric
Compact Liquid Crystal Diode module with ASCII (96 characters),
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HKZ-101 Hall Effect Device Re-introduced
A rugged Hall Effect switch designed for automotive ignition applications.
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LCD 3.5 Digit Panel Meter - Low Cost
Features:- Attractive modern bezel- Snap retaining into panel- Shallow depth- User selectable decimal point- 0.1" launcher connectionsSpecifications:-...
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LED Ammeter Panel Meter
Simple 4 wire connection with included current shunt for ampere display. Auto zero calibration and easy to read red LED display. Give your n...
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Raspberry Pi 3.5in Touchscreen LCD - with Stylus and Enclosure
Perfect for prototyping or to set up a portable device with your Raspberry Pi 3B+.
• Includes Protective Case and Stylus
• Minimal Setup
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UDN6118A Driver to suit Fluro Display DIP18
Allegro Brand For ZD-1880 Fluro display.
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Showing 1 - 14 of 14 Results Sort by 1