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Gas torches & Blowers

Gas torches & Blowers

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30W 12VDC Soldering Iron
This 12V 30W soldering iron features a fused cigarette lighter plug lead to allow you to power it from the car cigarette lighter socket.
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3-in-1 Function Heat Blower and Soldering Iron
A handy 3-in-1 unit with flame or flameless heat blower and soldering iron function. Great for general heating, drying, melting, soldering, heat shrin...
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7 Piece Screwdriver Set 10% Off
A quality set of 7 screwdrivers with storage box that offers both uncompromising reliability and value. GS and DVE tested and approved to 1000V. With red handles and insulation right to the tip, you will find them amongst your tools quickly and easily. DIN EN 60900.
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Buy TS1328 and get NS3005 Free
Buy TS1328 and get NS3005 Free
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Gas Can Blow torch Attachment
Fits onto a standard butane cartridge and produces a large flat flame for copper and plastic pipe welding, shrinking heatshrink, etc.
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Gas Soldering Iron / Torch Kit
Everything you need to solder, silver solder, braze, heatshrink, strip paint etc. The iron is refillable with standard butane gas and has an on/off sw...
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Mini Gas Soldering Tool Set
A handy gas soldering iron with flame or flameless heat blower function. Great for general heating, drying, melting, cutting, soldering, heat shrinkin...
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Pencil Butane Torch
Pocket sized gas torch for heatshrinking, soldering etc and uses standard butane gas. Adjustable flame, all metal construction.
• Size: 205(L) x 1...
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Piezo Ignition Micro Torch
Ideal for brazing, silver soldering, jewellery work, heat shrinking, plumbing and general hobby work. Includes bonus stand.
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Pocket Gas Torch
At only 95mm high, this product is amazing. It is a fully self-contained Butane 1300°C portable blow torch. It has simple press button Piezo ignition,...
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Portasol Super Pro Gas Soldering Tool Kit
This kit contains a Portasol Super Pro Gas Soldering Iron, and all of the following parts.*Quality storage case.*Cleaning sponge and tray.*2.4mm doubl...
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Pro Gas Soldering Tool Kit
A sturdy, portable, self-igniting butane powered gas soldering iron tool kit with 3 tips. Produces a 1300°C adjustable flame for low end brazing, ...
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Pro Soldering Gas Kit with Screwdriver Set/Crimper/Heatshrink
Excellent value and a handy kit to have close at hand for those quick and urgent repairs. Includes many...
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Technic Gas Soldering Iron
The Portasol Technic combines compact power, and convenient reliability, making it one of the most versatile gas soldering irons available. It offers ...
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Showing 1 - 15 of 15 Results Sort by 1