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12V - 18V, 18VA, 1A Multi-Tapped - Type 2154 Transformer
Specifications12V - 18V, 18VA, 1A Multi-Tapped - Type 2154Type:2154Secondary winding(s):Multi TappedPrimary voltage:240VACTotal VA rating:18VASec...
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12V - 30V, 100VA, 6A Multi-tap Type 2170 Transformer
Specifications12V-30V, 100VA, 6A Multi-Tapped/Dual - Type 2170 TransformerType:2170Secondary winding(s):Multi-tapped/dualPrimary voltage:240VACTotal V...
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15-30V, 30VA, 1A Multi-Tapped
Specifications15-30V, 30VA, 1A Multi-Tapped Type 6672Type:6672Secondary winding(s):Multi TappedPrimary voltage:240VACTotal VA rating:30VASecondar...
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6.3-15V, 15VA, 1A Multi-Tapped - Type 2155
Specifications6.3-15V, 15VA, 1A Multi-Tapped - Type 2155Type:2155Secondary winding(s):Multi TappedPrimary voltage:240VACTotal VA rating:15VASecon...
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6-15V, 30VA, 2A Multi-Tapped Transformer
Specifications6-15V, 30VA, 2A Multi-Tapped - Type 2156 - TransformerType:2156Secondary winding(s):Multi-TappedPrimary voltage:240VACTotal VA rating:30...
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9-30V, 60VA, 2A Multi-Tapped - Type 2165 Transformer
Specifications9-30V, 60VA, 2A Multi-Tapped - Type 2165Type:2165Secondary winding(s):Multi TappedPrimary voltage:240VACTotal VA rating:60VASeconda...
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9V - 24V, 60VA, 5A Multi-tapped - Type 2167L Transformer
Specifications9V - 24V, 60VA, 5A Multi-tapped - Type 2167L TransformerType:2167LSecondary winding(s):Multi-Tapped/dualPrimary voltage:240VACTotal VA r...
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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 Results Sort by 1